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So we all know that, but how much time in the last year, in the last two years, in the last five years, have we tried to take any action about that or felt any feeling about that?

IPS and the Blind Spot of Secrecy

Poitras and Appelbaum's talks are interesting because they grapple with familiar territory—the NSA leaks, Guantanamo, the War on Terror—but do so in a critical, self-aware, and academic way. Paglen comes at the subject of state secrecy from a radically different angle. In his photography projects, he documents the physical spaces these secret institutions inhabit and the traces they leave behind. When we're talking about seeing secrecy, I think about secrecy as always congealing into the earth's surface.

The Art of Secrecy

In other words, I don't think about secrecy as a kind of abstract idea about what you get to know and what you don't get to know. I think about it as a series of physical and legal and social and cultural and economic institutions and as such it is made out of the same stuff that the rest of the world looks like.

In another project he uses similar tools to photograph classified American satellites and other space debris in the night sky.

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Things like shell companies leave behind a paper trail. By following bureaucratic traces like security clearances, flight numbers and flight plans Paglen found and photographed secret prisons around the world, including one called the "Salt Pit" in Afghanistan.

Drahi, 54, is the founder and controlling shareholder of Altice, which provides telecommunications services in France and elsewhere. Sotheby's counterpart in London, Christies, founded by James Christie in , was sold to another French businessman, Francois Pinault, in the late s.

The Art of Secrecy

It too was taken private. When is a riot not a riot? Komentar 0 Refresh.

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The art of secrecy and subversion : the Cagoule and French politics in the 1930s

Aims and Scope Equally rejecting the position that Jonson was a renegade subverter of the arcana imperii and that he was a thorough-going court apologist, Slights finds that the playwright redraws the lines between private and public discourse for his own and subsequent ages. William W.

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