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It sometimes carries a connotation of mental or cultural inferiority, in the belief that persons who spend the time necessary to develop a muscular physique must sacrifice time spent developing mental or artistic talent. At the same time it has to be acknowledged that top international sportsmen such as tennis or soccer stars do not typically look similar to the pin-ups in mens' body-building magazines. Often they will appear relatively light in build despite having enormous power and endurance. Adjective comparative more muscle-bound, superlative most muscle-bound Alternative form of musclebound.

English Wiktionary. Home Dictionary Definitions muscle-bound. Sentence Examples. Or so he was convinced. On each side of his neck, which he figured looked thick as a tree trunk, a row of four gold stars ran along each side of his navy blue collar.


Oh yeah, how they stared , all those people going in and out of City Hall—and he loved it! Magdalena thinks of her new lover, the police chief of his medals. But their voices have the same spoiled music the leaning italics, the serried exclamation points, the bug-eyed rhetorical questions.

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They are extrovert histrionics posing as singular reckonings. They bespeak no particularity, and thus hold no interest. The reader gets skillful at speed-reading these identical scrolls of bombast, accelerating through their falsities and imprecisions, keen for the noisy lies to end so that the slightly quieter dubieties of the plot might surface. Over the years, Tom Wolfe has campaigned strenuously on behalf of the journalistic role in fiction.

The American novel will be reborn, Wolfe claims, when the novelist gets out onto the street and starts copying. American fiction is dominated by realism; there is, if anything, too much of it, and not enough careful artifice, not enough pressure at the level of form and sentence. His argument presumes that reality is always more significant than anything the novelist can invent; he credits the finality of the real above the debatability of the real.

Of course, many novelists have done research, or have simply slipped chunks of witnessed or remembered reality into their books.

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Wolfe is not wrong about those horses in Zola, and his hunger for reality honors the central, and richest, emphasis of the novel form. But he fails the demands of his own manifesto in at least two respects. Ze graphic art ees now not good, and I haf to share thees studio. He had loved pastelitos since he was a little boy. But the detail about the pastelitos has the whiff not of pastry but of research.

Like everything else in this book, it is imparted information, and is thus the expected detail, the properly stamped sociological receipt. Why French prunes? A world in which no one is ever quiet is a false one; it is a stage, not a world.


Ordinary life is complex, contradictory, prismatic. His own prose is monotonous in the same way. It confuses the depiction of strength with the energy of verisimilitude. This is perhaps why he is obsessively drawn to describing enormous male physiques, which are analogues for his own exaggeration.

These giant physiques are seen by Wolfe with a combination of revulsion and admiration, a combination that characterizes his prose in general. Too often, one senses that what Wolfe imagines to be an irreverent critique of strength is actually a reverent reproduction of the same.

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His own writing lusts for the power he so noisily depicts. The novelist issues his status reports—on the latest cool restaurant, or the state of the gym-toned body, or the enormous mansions on Fisher Island, or the spending habits of the new Russians—in a register that is at once breathlessly mocking and breathlessly awed. But it was Art Deco! In passages like this, Wolfe seems almost to hide his own respect for status behind the obviously exaggerated respect of his characters. Or, rather, since no one actually thinks in this loudly obvious way, since the words on the page fail to disclose an actual human being, they point back, uneasily, to the failed ventriloquist: Who thinks like this?

Professor Lantier, or Tom Wolfe? All one can say for sure is that Wolfe writes like this. Daniel British. Karen Australian.

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