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Appiah elaborates a vision of naturalism that resists both temptations. Appiah urges that the relation between empirical research and morality, now so often antagonistic, should be seen in terms of dialogue, not contest. And he shows how experimental philosophy, far from being something new, is actually as old as philosophy itself.

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Beyond illuminating debates about the connection between psychology and ethics, intuition and theory, his book helps us to rethink the very nature of the philosophical enterprise. Sign up for My OBO. Already a member?

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Introduction Virtues are dispositions to see, think, desire, deliberate, or act well, with different philosophers emphasizing different permutations of these activities. General Overviews There are few general overviews of this debate, as almost everyone who engages in it is quite partisan.

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Appiah is also working on a new book about the idea of the West, in which he argues that appeals to Western traditions and identities are usually wildly misleading. Professor Appiah is a prolific writer, whose publications, both academic and popular, span a variety of disciplines. His most recent book, Lines of Descent , is an intellectual biography of W.

Du Bois.