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Can you tell who the villains are before they are exposed? Published: December 30, Return to Planet Wolf. Despite recent defeats and setbacks its leaders have a plan to turn the tables on the rebellious Dragon Wulf. At the very centre of their plan is Rybak. The Vada, the Lindars and the Kohorts must go back to save the people they left behind, no matter what the cost may be.

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Published: December 8, They meet new friends along the way, friends who will become allies as the Community sets out to destroy them all. Never in their history have the Lind, Larg, Diaglon and their human friends been in so much danger.

Words: 93, Published: February 21, The galaxy is enormous. There is intelligent, alien life out there. Events have already been set in motion. An implacable, impersonal, grasping enemy is about to be revealed. The wolf-like Lind and Larg, the dragon-like Lai and their human friends are beginning a new life on a new world.

When their space ships land on Planet Tak they believe they have left war behind forever.

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They are wrong. Published: September 19, The mainland elves are trying to stop the enemy gaining control of the route between the worlds of elf and man. Kirsty and her companions have already travelled into the past during their quest to find the jewels that will seal the route. Now they must go back in time again - to the era of the Iceni Queen Boudica and the Ninth Roman Legion in a desperate search for the final three.

Published: July 13, Kirsty hadn't expected the trail to take her to another world, historical disappearances, magical interferences and a talking cat. She must solve the mystery and learn how use her abilities. She and her companions must use everything at their disposal to thwart the enemy and restore the magical barrier. This is a time travelling, fantasy adventure with a difference - the past cannot be changed.

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Words: 89, When Kirsty arrives home from university her mother has disappeared. Armed with a ring, a dagger and a book of puzzling quotations, Kirsty must find her. She doesn't expect the trail to lead her into a world not her own - a dangerous, magical world inhabited by people and creatures of history and legend. The Larg of the southern continent are acting strangely. Tension and distrust are growing between Humans and the Lind on the northern continent.

Many believe war is inevitable. This time Planet Wolf is under threat from within. Can it survive? Words: 94, Published: February 27, Stories from Planet Wolf: Characters old and new. Thirty-six new stories, some contemporary with the five books in the series, others not. How do the telepathic Lind search for their human life-partners? What is it like to be a slave-child in the Kingdom of Murdoch? Life-bondings, pirate raids, cadets training, murders and more. Words: 50, Published: November 28, Planet Wolf: The Prequels.

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Three species. How did the non-natives arrive on Planet Wolf?


Dragons gold, green, red, blue and black. Dying planets; eons apart. Origins of human dragonlore. Courage, conflict and perseverance. Talking wolves. Spaceship convoys. Storm in space. Death of a spaceship. Children of the Wolves. Spoiler Alert: this book should be read after Valour and Victory.

Published: November 11, The Planet Wolf Series: Volume 5 - For eons the terrifying predators known as the Dglai have been journeying, stripping planets of their resources and massacring the inhabitants. Their gigantic spaceship is about to land on Planet Wolf. Dragons, Wolves and Humans must fight to stop them, to save their three species. Which side, with valour, will win the victory? Published: October 23, The Planet Wolf Series: Volume 4 - The northern humans and their telepathic, four-pawed friends are no strangers to war, but a new, far deadlier enemy is approaching.

Can they find out how to defeat the aliens before time runs out? Are the legends based on truth? Are there hidden wings on the third continent? What secrets have the northern wolves been keeping from their human friends? Published: September 12, The war-loving, wolf-like Larg of the southern continent are plotting the destructon of the free north. Four young people, life-bonded with their telepathic Lind partners of the northern continent have dedicated their lives to stopping them.

Will the quartet make a difference? Can they? Published: August 17, The Planet Wolf Series: Volume 2 - The colonists and their telepathic, wolf-like friends have survived their first battle. Those life-bonded have dedicated their lives to the defence of the free north.

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The southern armies are reeling from their defeat and Aoalvaldr, the disgraced enemy commander, has vowed revenge. What dangers lurk beyond the horizon?

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Another battle, another war? Published: August 2, The Planet Wolf Series: Volume 1 - An imaginary world somewhere in the galaxy with two warring continents inhabited by large, intelligent, telepathic, wolf-like creatures. Find out what happens when two refugee spaceships arrive.

Will human and wolf learn how to co-exist? Planet Wolf is about to change forever. Jacob M. She finds herself in a savage world where the two most rare and precious commodities are metal and human females. Rescued from a primitive tribe by a team of salvagers, she is tightly bound and swiftly ravished.

Candice discovers that the group intends to take her into one of the local towns for a swift auction at a very high price. The rulers of the land intervene and confiscate her.

They bring her to their huge Empire where she enters their twisted palaces and finds a perver Get A Copy.